We offer world-class innovation and entrepreneurship support that can easily be accessed through your preferred mode of delivery.

As Close As we Get to the “C” word

We know that not everyone will share our need to distinguish between a traditional consulting model and the work we do, but we think it is important. 

Our most successful efforts are defined by our dedication to developing lasting relationships that flourished through shared purpose, commitment and trust. 

Our core offering is to help organizations establish or enhance their innovation and entrepreneurial capability. This informs everything we do every day.   

Innovation starts

We help you get going with confidence. Our approach scales from projects, to internal initiatives, to the largest innovation program deployments.  

Ready, set, go!

Grassroots Empowerment

Unlock and channel the passions and expertise of every employee so that they can contribute to innovation every day.

Power to the people!

Customer Discovery

Better understand the needs of your potential customers and stakeholders even when they don’t explicitly articulate their needs.

Get out of the building! 

Performance Optimization

Designed for organizations which have an existing innovation program that is ready to take their capability and results to the next level.  

It’s time to demand and get more.

Visioning and Strategy

Specific focus on aligning your vision for the future, paths to get there and deploying to the most crucial innovation components to get you there faster.

 The purpose to innovate.

Rapid Validation

Decrease risk in development and sales efforts by engaging the stakeholders that buy and use your product or service early and often.

Pursue opportunity with confidence.

Leadership Development

We support the needs of the executive team through direct engagements that inform, challenge and enhance the team’s ability to get results.

Give your team depth and confidence.

Ad-hoc Project support

Project validation and management for those projects which are critically important to your future or need an execution boost.

Results when they are most critical.

Design Thinking / HCD

Improve awareness and reverence for connecting your product or service to the most important aspects of the human experience. 

Make it matter more.

The power of a Local Collective ApproacH 

We provide smaller cities with big ambitions a collaborative suite of resources that tap into regional advantages and unite powerful offerings in a single location.

Our offerings include co-working, business incubation, business acceleration, small business/community outreach, corporate innovation and commercially facing services. 

Our consolidation of these services under one roof improves the total experience and outcomes for members, industry, communities and other key stakeholders. 



Beyond CoWork is a membership-driven community that provides a great place to work and much more. We ensure you have the convenience, flexibility, and value you need in an upscale, fun and professional setting. The full lifestyle programs offer the ultimate experience.


InterPhase is where select opportunities in their earliest stages of maturity receive the critical resources needed to identify and rapidly test critical assumptions affiliated with stakeholder value. Incubator programs are six to nine months with a one year cap.


Instantaneous is where more established early-stage opportunities are provided exclusive access to the resources needed to most efficiently test and demonstrate full market scalability. Our acceleration programs range from one week to three months.


Programs for established companies looking to utilize innovation to achieve world-class outcomes or seeking an effective way to tap into early stage opportunities. Chosen immersive experiences are based on current realities, strategic needs and their vision for the future.

Small Biz

It is important to provide small and lifestyle businesses, a vital component of any local economy, with resources that are as effective as more scalable and established businesses. It is also crucial for us to ensure the broader community is given meaningful paths to engage.


Commercial offerings that compliment members and local residents are selected to produce the on-going random connections that ignite creative collaborations and maximize composite benefit. Each offering is tailored to the specific needs of the city and region.

on-point Experiences


We know how hard it can be to get out of the building and directly engage with emerging technologies so we developed a mobile experience lab that comes to you.

Our STEMpreneurship programs use hands-on modules to spark new connections and inspire the next generation to achieve more than was thought possible.

Our corporate programs are fun, engaging and designed to help employees identify key insights from popular and accessible content that can be applied at work.


Boom! Members-only Access To exclusive content

We have a vast toolkit comprised of crafted and curated resources so you can stay focused on making your innovations real. 

Our TTTN’T is powerful stuff comprised of techniques, templates, tools, and training that give you confidence to know exactly how and when to use them.

We include full access to the membership suite to most of our long-term clients as well as individuals that want full content users.


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