At 4th Sector Innovations we are passionate about Innovation and Entrepreneurship.  Our services are aimed to help everyone get the most out of their efforts.  

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Whether you are a city, small business, or large corporation, our integrated-system based approach to innovation will align your team and stakeholders to take your project to the next level. 


4th Sector Collective: Centers for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

At 4th Sector we believe that additional interactions lead to better results, and that we can all learn from each other.  We colocate our services and resources in one space to encourage more crossover and conversation, leading to better ideas, stronger teams, and more value creation.  

4th Sector Collective Offerings

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Beyond Cowork is a membership driven community that provides a great place to work and much more.  We provide you with the convenience, flexibility and value you need in an up-scale, fun and professional setting.  The full lifestyle programs offer the ultimate experience.  

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Corporate Innovation:

Programs for established companies looking to utilize innovation to achieve world class outcomes or seeking an effective way to tap into early stage opportunities.  Chosen immersive experiences are based on current realities, strategic needs and their vision of the future. 

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Interphase is where select opportunities in their earliest stages of maturity receive the critical resources needed to identify and rapidly test critical assumptions affiliated with stakeholder value.  Incubator programs are sis to nine months with a one year cap . 

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Instantaneous is where more established early stage opportunities are provided exclusive access to the resources needed to most efficiently test and demonstrate full market scalability. Our acceleration programs range from one week to three months. 

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Small Business Programs:

It is important to provide small and lifestyle businesses, a vital component of any local economy, with resources that are as effective as more scalable established businesses.  It is also crucial for us to ensure the broader community is given meaningful paths to engage. 

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Support Services:

Commercial offerings that compliment members and local residents are selected to produce the on-going random connections that ignite creative collaborations and maximize composite benefit.  Each offering is tailored to the specific needs of the city and region.